Why it’s Worth the Drive to your Ontario Courthouse Library

All lawyers in Ontario are entitled to use courthouse library resources
—it’s worth the drive to use their time-saving and case-winning resources!

Utilize the expertise of the librarians   

They really know their collection, print & electronic, and where to find an answer quickly:

  • Know which title(s) in their print collection that can best answer your question
  • Which electronic resource might have the best information or tools to efficiently assist you or answer your question on your behalf.
  • Ask a local librarian for help to find those hard to locate articles, cases, etc. They can use their network & resources to locate that hard to find item using electronic resources, interlibrary loans or call a friend.

Research Services typically offered include: 

  • Retrieve cases, note-ups articles, precedents & commentary (Can, US, Intl)
    • Search for legislation, note-ups, detailed legislative histories which can be complex
    • Guide you to the relevant websites, databases or texts for your research
    • Database instruction on eLiRN resources
    • Devise an efficient research strategy for you

Do your own Research using resources like Westlaw, Practical Guidance & vlex incl. AI

Utilize the eLiRN suite of resources on terminals located at each courthouse library across Ontario. 

  • Criminal Source (Westlaw) – key texts, C.C.C.s, Criminal Codes, commentary, etc.
  • Family Source (Westlaw) – Key texts, R.F.L, precedents, forms, commentary, etc
    • Vlex
      • Irwin Law’s Essentials in Canadian Law series covering most areas of Canadian law, available electronically.
      • Extensive Canadian case law from all jurisdictions – over 300,000 cases
  • CPD Accredited Training available for the eLiRN suite of resources

Back to Basics with their Extensive Print Resources
Find your answer in a BOOK – Best Organization of Knowledge – let an expert do your research.

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