Free access to subscription databases at your Ontario courthouse library!

E-LiRN is a suite of electronic resources available in all courthouse libraries across Ontario. Contact your nearest courthouse library (& map) for further information about access and training opportunities (including CPD Professionalism hours)! It’s worth the drive to access these time-saving, comprehensive and case-winning resources that you can use for FREE at the your local courthouse library!

If a solo practictioner were to subscribe to the suite of eLiRN resources, it would cost them $ 40,000 a year to subscribe. REMOTE access is available for lawyers from Northern Ontario to vlex. Consult your local courthouse library staff for access.

All lawyers in Ontario are entitled to use courthouse libraries’ resources for free. You are not required to be a member of an Association to access the library or its’ resources (LSO By-Law 13, 10).

Looking for practice-specific e-LiRN content?

Fliers for Wills, Trusts and Estates, Family Law, and Criminal Law.

LexisNexis QuicklawWe are continuing to provide access to Quicklaw, giving you extensive access to Canadian case law, legislation, journals, articles, Halsbury’s Laws of Canada, and QuickCite Citator.
LexisNexis Practical GuidanceAll Modules Available!

Maximize your efficiency and keep current on practice trends and legal issues with Practical Guidance. This service offers authoritative guidance, on-point precedents, checklists, articles, practice notes.

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Criminal Source (WestLaw)Extensive criminal codes, texts by noted experts, and case law.
Family Source (WL)Child and spousal support guidelines, checklists, texts, and more
Estates & Trusts Source (WL) Schnurr’s Estate Litigation, Histrop’s Estate Planning Precedents, fillable forms, and more
vLex Essentials of Canadian Law & morevlex Canadian collections contains over 500,000 reported and unreported cases, including Maritime Law Books titles such as Ontario Appeal Cases and Ontario Trial Report. Flyer about vlex
Over 300 books and journals available electronically, including the Irwin Law”s Essentials of Canadian Law collection.

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vLex VINCENT AI Legal ResearchVincent is a virtual legal assistant that finds legal citations, cited documents and the most relevant legal concepts in any legal document, generating a list of documents for you to review, including legislation, case law, books,
journal articles and model contracts in vLex

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HeinOnlineHeinOnline’s Core Content for Canada is a comprehensive digital library containing the full text of more than 3,000 scholarly journals, access to U.S. federal and state case law, thousands of classic legal treatises, and a wealth of government publications as well as the English Reports.    
This eResource is available through the Great Library portal.  
Please contact the Great Library to set-up your password:  [email protected]
CPD ResourcesSearch the full text of Law Society CPD articles or browse by topic / chapter using AccessCLE.
CPD materials offer practical advice from expert practitioners, especially on new/developing areas of law, cases or legislation.

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