Research Resource Training

Your librarian is the best source of assistance for using the legal research resources available in your library. But these links can also help!

CanLII – Available to all for free. Check out the support page here: CanLII Guides | CanLII

Divorcemate – Available in some libraries. This page has FAQ for the product: DivorceMate Software

JUSTIS – Available in some libraries. The User Guide and additional resources are available online: Lex Justis | Resources | User Guides, Videos and Support

Legislative Pulse – Available in some libraries. Get support at these links: What’s New in Legislative Pulse, Quick Reference Guide, and User Guide.

Lexis Advance Quicklaw – Available to all our libraries. This page has a plethora of training videos and documentation: Lexis Advance Quicklaw – Documentation and Training Resources | LexisNexis Canada

Lexis Practice Advisor – Available in some libraries. Check out the Practical Guidance Canada Brochure and the Quick Reference Guide.

RangeFindr – Available in some libraries. Review the tutorial here: rangefindr – help.

TR Proview – Available in some libraries. Access the User’s Guide and training videos here: Support & Training | Thomson Reuters

Westlaw Next Canada – Available in some libraries. Check out the Westlaw Next Canada Customer Learning Centre: Customer Learning Centre – WestlawNext Canada (