LiRN’s Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

LiRN embarked on its strategic planning process in the fall of 2020. The Managing Director met with representatives of each of the libraries. We surveyed librarians for information about their libraries and for their thoughts on future-proofing the courthouse library system. We also surveyed members of the bar for their thoughts on libraries. We researched other courthouse library systems in Canada, with emphasis on British Columbia, Alberta, and Québec as the jurisdictions most like Ontario in size.

With the knowledge gained from these activities, informing the discussions, the Board participated in a blue-sky brainstorming session with representatives from the libraries, FOLA, and the LSO. That was followed by a facilitated Board discussion to home in on our strategic priorities. The Board shared early draft of the Strategic Plan with shareholders and took that feedback into account while finalizing the plan.

LiRN’s Strategic Plan is grounded in four priorities:

  1. LiRN is focused on the needs of courthouse library users, both now and in the future
  2. LiRN supports libraries and librarians
  3. LiRN collaborates with others working to provide legal information and library service prioritizing trust and respect
  4. LiRN makes evidence-based decisions

The Board has set out strategic priorities for each. Download the one-page plan to learn more.