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Infolocate is a search and discovery tool with single search point access to the Great Library’s web site content, County Library catalogues including print and electronic materials and the Law Society’s CPD articles.

How to use Infolocate


Content includes:

  • Case Law: Judgments from all Canadian courts, as well as decisions from many tribunals nationally.
  • Legislation: Consolidated statutes and regulations of every jurisdiction in Canada.
  • Commentary: The companion website, CanLII Connects, hosts a database of case commentary and case summaries by the legal community.
  • Secondary Sources: A growing number of books, law journals, articles, reports, and other resources available electronically in’s Commentary section. Click here to browse this content.
  • Canadian Legal Research and Writing Guide (formerly the Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research). 2018 CanLIIDocs 161


The Commonwealth Legal Information Institute aims to provide one central Internet location from which it is possible to search core legal information from all Commonwealth countries, including case law, legislation, treaties, law journals and law reform reports.


WorldLII provides a single search facility for databases located on the following Legal Information Institutes: AustLII; BAILII; CanLII; HKLII; LII (Cornell); and PacLII. WorldLII also includes its own databases not found on other LIIs with decisions of international Courts and Tribunals, databases from a number of Asian countries, and databases from South Africa (provided by Wits Law School).


FeeFieFoeFirm is a customized Google search engine designed to search law firm newsletters in Canada as well as the US, Britain, Australia and other jurisdictions.

Law firm newsletters are topical (such as cannabis) and can be great source of expert information. Use their search box to search for legal experts, law firm bulletins, articles, press releases and more.