LiRN Network Update

LiRN provided an update to the network in June. LiRN has received the consultant’s report for the Key Network Processes project. As you’ll recall, this project focused on bringing courthouse libraries across the province together to work even better together by examining key network processes.  A consultant looked at the work our libraries are performing to:

  • Discover existing co-operative processes (the network-wide interlibrary loan system is a great example of this working well) and recommend improvements if necessary;
  • Recommend new processes that could be added or centralized for more effective functioning; and
  • Recommend any physical, technological, or policy supports required to implement the recommendations.

In the report, the Consultant outlined recommendations based on internal documents, external research, and stakeholder consultations. In addition to the Consultant’s report, a list of suggestions (over 70 items strong!) was compiled during the consultation sessions. Over the coming months, we will review the suggested improvements and consultant recommendations with the goal of creating a prioritized list of projects, initiatives, and changes for consideration by LiRN’s Board of Directors and will share next steps with our stakeholders.

You can view a recording of the update here.

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