Library staff learning about reputable AI

Library staff are often the first point of reliable content for lawyers looking to understand what is reputable in terms of AI.   

Lawyers are always looking for efficient ways to win their cases and resources like the popularity of Chat GPT are actively being utilized in their legal research process.   These AI resources can also produce ghost cases or hallucinations which have challenged courthouse library staff to assist lawyers efficiently since the information generated was incorrect.   Library staff across the LiRN network want to learn more about reputable sources and uses of AI to guide the lawyers towards using these resources.  

Vlex’s Vincent AI is part the e-LiRN suite of electronic resources and a great source of reputable AI, for example. Manitoba & Yukon have recently published AI Practice Directions and other jurisdictions, such as the SCC, are contemplating it as well. 

LiRN has invited Hor Druma, Head of Canadian Content at Alexi, to speak about these challenges at our upcoming Learn with LiRN 2023.  In addition to his work at Alexi, which generates high quality answers in memo format for several Canadian law firms, Hor is an active vlogger about AI on LinkedIn.   

Library staff will learn about the positive and negative impacts of AI on legal research and how they can help educate their lawyers to better understand the importance of selecting a reputable choice from his engaging talk.  They will also learn how it can save them time and effort in their work as well! 

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