Remote Access for e-LiRN – Is this possible?

Establishing e-LiRN

Prior to e-LiRN, many of the smaller libraries were unable to provide access to expensive subscription legal databases, leaving lawyers in those regions unable to access resources that had become standard in other jurisdictions. LiRN made it a priority to plan and budget for a centralized suite of resources to addressing that imbalance, resulting in launching e-LiRN in early 2022. e-LiRN consists of the followiing resources covering a broad number of practice areas.

  • Westlaw
  • Criminal Source – so many great TEXTS are available here that your library cannot afford to purchase individually, including key loose-leafs which are costly to maintain, also C.C.C.s, Criminal Codes, etc.
  • Family Source – Key texts, R.F.L.s, Commentary, Precedents, Forms, etc.
  • Estates &Trusts Source – Key texts, E.T.R.s, Precedents, Forms, etc.
  • Quicklaw aka Lexis Advance
    • Halsbury’s Laws of Canada and other key textbooks, QuickCite, etc.
  • Practical Guidance (LN) – Checklists, Forms, Precedents, Guides, Calculators, etc.
  • Vlex – Canadian case law – over 300,000 Canadian cases
    • Vincent AI – review your legal documents and give you suggestions for further research or confirm that the law is “good”.

You’d pay $40,000 per year in subscriptions for all that content!

The Not-so-Hidden Costs of Remote Access

As we developed e-LiRN, we discussed the feasibility of providing remote access with our vendors. The cost of making the suite accessible outside of our libraries was—and unfortunately remains—prohibitive. Vendors’ pricing models are tied to the number of lawyers who would have access to the product. We continue to discuss new pricing models that would make remote access feasible. However, at the moment, remote access remains cost-prohibitive.

The Hidden Costs of Remote Access

When you make the trip to a courthouse library, you get more than access to e-LiRN. Electronic resources are great, but having someone who can train you up on how to get the most out of them is even better. That’s what the library staff can do for you … not to mention answering reference questions and providing basic research assistance. You’ll also have access to print resources from around the province thanks to our robust inter-library loan service. While remote access is convenient and helpful in many ways, it will never completely replace the help and support available on-site.

We hope that this information will help you to decide it is worth your time to visit your local courthouse library where you will find that the efficiency of these products will save you hours of research (worth the drive) than if you attempted to conduct research at home without e-LiRN, as well as insights and tips, from your courthouse librarian who can direct you to which resource can answer your questions most effectively. 

*Remote Access for Northern Ontario Lawyers to vlex and Vincent AI

Check out the remote access to vLex products for northern regions here including their reputable AI resource, Vincent.

In 2020, LiRN conducted a survey of database resources across the province and noted an access to justice gap for subscription databases for lawyers practising in Northern Ontario. e-LiRN provides remote access to LSO members for lawyers whose practice is in Northern Ontario was created for the communities listed below here. Lawyers’ LSO number will be verified.  Contact your local courthouse librarian to register.

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