Game Changer research services offered

Recently, the Durham Region Law Association received this glowing endorsement from Mara Clarke, Family Law practitioner:

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the services you provide.  While I’ve often benefited from the CPD offered, I recently “discovered” (aka read an email Jennie sent) the research assistance services. Can you say “game changer” ?  In the past couple weeks I have sent a few requests on issues that really had me spinning, wasting time going down rabbit holes without locating the relevant information.  Thankfully, the universe had mercy on me and I found an email Jennie sent about research requests.  You have saved me so much time and energy.  Now I send a research request, it is acknowledged immediately and within a couple days (if that) I have the case law I need.  

A million thank yous for your valuable services, I only wish I had used them early.
Mara Clarke – Family Law Barrister & Solicitor and Notary Public

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